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GSA empowers industrials & retailers to move their supply chain towards more digital services, in key areas such as assets tracking, goods tracking, cold chain monitoring and shopper insights.



Supply tech

We are a solution provider

Aware of the public and private stakes of modern logistics, we have developed an innovative and sustainable Ready to Connect product line that can Retrofit the majority of existing circulating assets.

Retailers and Industrials can implement GSA exclusive tracking technology without abandoning their wooden pallets, rollcages and all reusable assets systems, avoiding the added expense of converting to new assets.

Intended for large pool of assets, it provides an unprecedented visibility, more efficient business operations that help to maintain product quality, safety and maximizes revenue potential.

It’s time to act differently

In today’s environmental & social issues, there is no good reason for a company not to have point-to-point traceability about the location and conditions of their valuable assets throughout the delivery process, from farm to fork.


Create your own I.O.T Pooling Solution with GSA devices and A.I. web platform. A variety of handling systems can be equipped, in standard, with tracking solutions. It offers an industrial-grade performance that can be implemented without producing any load breaks during the equipment phases.

Smart pallet

Retrofit your own wooden pallet pool with GSA "Adapt Ready" solution to get location and availability information of your pallets


Locate your roll cages in your supply chain environment to optimize their rotation cycles

Cold chain

Supervise the temperature of the products stored on refrigerated shelves and be alerted on custom thresholds

Internal R&D

A true expert in embedded electronics and web development, GSA has a complementary technical team able to deeply integrate  hardware, software and predictive models to produce the most easy-to-implement Supply Chain IOT solution.

Experienced in connected devices hardware development, we have designed, prototyped and industrialized an electronic system able to fulfill the majority of the Supply Chain use cases.

Developed internally, the device’s embedded intelligence bring you the valuable information without compromising the autonomy nor performance.

Co-designed with our expert partners of the molding industry, our devices enclosures can endure the strict environments they will encounter, for several years.

Our great knowledge in pooling processes and our expertise in large secured data processing models provides you enrich data with context information in real time.


Stacking detection

Motion detection





7 years autonomy

Environmental responsibility

The solutions we offer are intrinsically sustainable. Our clients, distributors, food manufacturers, last kilometer logisticians in France, in Europe, will achieve significant savings by using fewer natural resources, reducing transport needs without having to make any compromise between profitability and sustainability.

Why purchase new assets when you can retrofit your existing ones with the technology that offers top class traceability and monitoring?

Our product line has been designed with sustainability and low carbon footprint in mind. Local sourcing and production combined with easily separable parts allow proper recycling of the assets intelligent heart.

Integrated within circular assets, our devices are removable, repairable, their battery can be replaced and their software improved throughout their lifetime thanks to over the air updates.

We have developed a range of sustainable adapters made of sargassum (seaweed) bio-sourced plastic. Thus we accompany the program established by the French government to strengthen this filliere of elimination of invasive seaweed waste.


We are a team of five co-founders, who believe in relationships, ethical and environmental impact. Passionated about entrepreneurship, all with a solid professional experience, a unique expertise in Logistics & Ops, Pooling, Sustainability, Electronics, Hardware Design, Embedded Software and Web development.

The inevitable digital transformation of the Supply Chain and its effects induced through the connected assets
GSA Internet of Assets are our “raison d’être” to meet the societal and environmental challenges generated by mass consumption.

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